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Aircall allows your Support and Sales teams to easily integrate calls with all their other professional tools. Our integration with Aircall allows you to send out a questionnaire to your contacts automatically by SMS following a call.

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Make your sales and support teams more efficient

How does Evaneos use the integration of Aircall & Diduenjoy to optimize team management?
Watch this video testimonial from Nabil Kachour, Director of Customer Service at Evaneos.

How to send out a survey following an Aircall call in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Create your satisfaction survey and response options, and personalize your SMS containing the survey, directly from the Diduenjoy platform. Configuring the campaign should take about 5 minutes.

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Step 2

Connect your Aircall account directly from Diduenjoy. Choose the most relevant trigger conditions according to type of contact (minimum/maximum length of the call, incoming/outgoing call, type of tags, delay time, etc.).

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Step 3

The Diduenjoy survey is sent out automatically by SMS according to the send rules defined in step 3. The customer clicks on the survey link. S/he is then redirected to a page containing the survey.

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Step 4

Access the survey responses associated with your Aircall data on Diduenjoy. Our statistical tools let you monitor the performance of each of your customer assistants in real time.

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